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The World must feed an additional 3 billion people by the year 2050. 
In order to do so, food production must be optimized. 
Xiant's PAWs System is the differentiating technology to allow for this.
Biological Control IS here!!!
Instead of mimicking the sun in desired latitudes, Xiant doses the signaling messages given by the sun via particular wavelengths and patterns in order to gain control over desired outcomes.
Xiant's Patented PAWS System

The Pulsed Alternating Wavelengths System (PAWS) delivers light which is synched with the existing abilities of photochemicals to elicit a positive response from either plants or animals.

  • Control of reproductive cycling
  • Control of feeding habits and weight gain
  • Ability to positively affect mood such as agitation, aggressiveness and nervousness
  • Increased ovulation in poultry layers
  • Improved feed conversion ratios
  • Reduced time to sexual maturation
  • Increased productivity duration
  • Creation of beneficial endogenous hormones
  • Reduced need for exogenous hormones
Animal Science
Plant Science
  • Maximum Growth - By providing light only when the plant is capable of utilizing it.
  • Control of phenotypical attributes such as leaf size, internode length, increased flowering etc..
  • Reduced Water Consumption
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Increased biosecurity
  • Reduced transportation breakage and expense
  • Reduced need for pesticides
  • Maximized efficiency of minimal fertilization
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