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Imagine Endogenous Hormone Production Via Light

Xiant's Patented PAWSTM
Delivers light which is synched with the existing abilities of photochemicals to elicit a desired response from animals.

Hormonal Control


By targeting light to underlying biology in mammals, Xiant boosts endogenous hormones in order to  maximize economically beneficial attributes in animals.
  • Maximizes desired yields for producers
  • Control of reproductive cycling
  • Control of feeding habits and weight gain
  • Ability to positively affect mood such as agitation, aggressiveness and nervousness
  • Increased ovulation in poultry layers
  • Improved feed conversion ratios
  • Reduced time to sexual maturation
  • Increased productivity duration
  • Creation of beneficial endogenous hormones
  • Reduced need for exogenous hormones

Poultry Trial Results

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